Ampersand is Sarah Womack and I have a slight obsession with ampersands. Ampersands, you know, the name for the “&” symbol. Why’s it the name my little design company? Ampersand does this and that. Graphics & Web. Design & Development. Layout & Programming. I left the world of the typical 9-5 job in December 2011 for self employment and independent contracting and the journey so far has been fantastic.

When I’m not designing for web, I’m decorating my pretty fantastic 1930′s home in Toledo, Ohio. I’m lucky enough to share that home with two of my favorite guys. My husband and our bizarre puppy.

Interested in learning more about our favorite character, the old ampersand? See this. Want to see some of our work? Want to get in touch? I’m Sarah, this is Ampersand, a small web development company, and I’m pleased to meet you.